street scooters

Scooter Setup Guide



Scooter arrives in crate.

Battery box



 Battery and electrolytes.

 Line up electrolytes with  Push electrolytes into
Wear protective golves!  sockets on top of battery.  battery sockets.


 Poke holes into top of

   Replace cover.
electrolytes to release acid.    



 Nuts and bolts for batter. Place nuts inot position. 


 Place bolts into position.

  Battery Compartment


Install battery.

Install battery. Install battery.
Red=pos. Green=neg.  Red=pos.  Green=neg. Red=pos.  Green=neg. 


Install Battery

Alarm  Alarm


Brake Fluid Container

Brake Fluid Container  Brake Fluide Container


 Female end plugs for front

 Handle bar switches. Kill switch, and start switch.
panel light.    


High beam, low beam, turn

Checking and adding oil. Checking and adding oil.
 signals, horn, hazzards    


 Checcking and adding oil.

 Oil and drain screw. Oil drain screw. 


Spark plug wire.

Spark plug wire. Spark plug


CDI box.

CDI box.  Adjust Carburetor idle


Adjust carburetor idle 

Carburetor idle screw. Carburetor idle screw.


Starter relay.

Starter relay Flasher.