street scooters

Scooter Setup Guide

*Click on pictures with colored borders for close up pictures. 



Scooter arrives in crate.

***Retrieve front wheel  

Front wheel spacer 
   spacer.  ***Do not lose this!!***


Close up of front wheel

Front View of Scooter.  Retrieve front wheel for
spacer.  Cut zip tie.    installation.


Remove spacer in disc

Put wheel spacer in front  Spacer should look like  
brake pads.  wheel.  this in front wheel.


 Install wheel.  Slide disc

 Retrieve speedometer  Install speedometer cable
into disc brake pads.  cable to install on wheel.  on wheel.


Secure bolt into front 

  Battery box. 
wheel fork.    


 Battery and electrolytes.

 Line up electrolytes with  Push electrolytes into
Wear protective golves!  sockets on top of battery.  battery sockets.


 Poke holes into top of

   Replace cover.
electrolytes to release acid.    



 Nuts and bolts for batter. Place nuts inot position. 


 Place bolts into position.

  Remove top front cover to  
    better access battery compartment.



Install battery. Install battery.


 Attach front panel.  Place

 Place clip nut in position  
clip nuts onto body panel.    


Place clip nut in position 

  All four clip nuts in position 


 Female end plugs for front

  Connect male end from  
panel light.    front panel.


 Connect both wires.

Attach front panel.  Line front panel up with 
     clip nuts just installed


Screws and clip nut for  

 Attach front panel with  
panel installation.  screws.  


 Install windsheld.  Attach

  Attach all four clip nuts.   
clip nut on windshield.    Line windshield up with front panel holes.


 Slide clips into holes on

  Insert screws and attach 
front panel.    windshield.


 Attach front panel.

Line front panel up and  Insert screws. 
   slide on.  



 Place clip nut on bottom  Line the panel up for installation
   of panel.  


 Attach the screw

  LIne up side panel foot  
     rest.  Screw down (no pre-drilled holes.)


 Fasten screws into



Fasten passenger foot  



Handle bar switches

 HIgh beam, low beam,  Kill switch and
   turn signal, horn.  


 Add 10w30 Motor Oil

Checking and adding oil.  Checking and adding oil. 


 Checcking and adding oil.

 Oil and drain screw. Oil drain screw. 


Brake fluid container 

Brake fluid measure.  Airbox 



 Petcock.  Voltage Regulator.


Voltage Regulator. 

 VIN number. Frame number. 


 VIN number.

Carburetor idle speed Adjust carburetor idle  
   screw.  speed screw.


 Kick stand.  Kills engine.