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Easy Scooter Assembly

This tutorial is a sample guideline that only applies to our four stroke 49cc scooters. Assembly for our other scooter models is similar, but refer to their owner's manuals for specific set up instruction.

Easy Scooter Assembly in 3 Steps

Before you begin uncrating your scooter, be sure to carefully check the crate over to insure that there is no damage. If the crate is damaged, please call us immediately at 877-883-2295. We will need to file a claim with the freight company, and they will need to send a representative out to examine the crate in its damaged condition.

If there is no damage, you can begin the uncrating process.

A. Remove the cardboard from around the crate.
B. Remove the angle support boards, seen from the top right and left corners of the crate and extending to the bottom of the crate.
C. There are support wires holding the scooter in place. Two will be on the luggage rack and one will be on the left handle grip. Cut these wires.
D. Remove the plastic tie on the left handle grip, holding the brake in place.
E. Remove the board holding the footrest down. You will need a wrench to remove the nuts.
F. Remove the foot brace.
G. Remove the center support boards.
H. Remove the side boards and top of the crate.
I. You should be able to lift the scooter out now with the help of another strong person.

This step should take 10-15 minutes.

A. Remove the battery and electrolyte from the box. (if battery needs electrolytes)
B. Peel the red tape from the top of the battery.
C. Remove the black plastic top on the electrolyte and save the top. You will use the top later to seal the battery.
D. Carefully line the electrolyte bottles over the battery holes. Push the bottles into the battery, which will break the aluminum foil. Cut small air holes into the bottom of the electrolyte bottles to allow them to drain quicker.
E. Once the fluids are drained, seal the battery with the black plastic top that came on the electrolyte bottles.
F. Charge the battery. 
G. The battery will either be installed under the seat or floor mat, depending on the scooter you have.
H. Using the nuts and bolts from the battery box, install the two (2) positive connections to the positive side of the battery and the one (1) black wire to the ground. Install the wires on top, if they will not slide in the side.
I. Place the battery and replace the cover. If screws are used to hold the cover in place, they are in a plastic bag that was under the seat.

 This step should take 10 minutes.

A. Fill the tank with the highest octane unleaded gas available. It may cost a little more to put the best quality gas in your scooter, but since it takes so little to fill it up, the cost won’t be substantial, and it will make a difference in how smoothly your scooter runs.
B. On the left side of your scooter, locate the transfer case, which will say Geely on it. The transfer case has a little oil in it that was added from the factory. This oil needs to be drained.
C. To drain the oil in the transfer case, position a small can or bucket under the case. You will see a brass bolt under the case. Remove the bolt. The oil will begin draining into the can.
D. Once the oil is all drained, replace the bolt and remove the black cap on top of the case. Add 300mls of 10W-30 oil to the case. Do not overfill, as this will void your warranty. This is very important.
E. Once it is filled, replace the black cap.
F. Two Stroke Scooters:  Add 300ml. of 10w30 oil to transfer case gear box (kickstart case).  Fill two stroke container to the top with two stroke oil.  Two stroke container may be located either under the scooter's seat, or in compartment on the back rear panel.  Two strokes do not have dipsticks.
G. Four Stroke Scooters:  Find the dipstick on the right side of your scooter.  Remove the dip stick and fill the engine with 10w30 oil.  Do not over fill.  To make sure you have the proper measurments, measure the oil level with the dip stick by screwing it back into the engine and removing to check the level.  The oil level should reach the top of the x marks located on the dipstick. 

This step should take 10 minutes.

Finally, take the two rear view mirrors located under the seat and screw them in.

For more information, see the detailed Operation and Maintenance manual that will be emailed to you upon receipt of your payment.

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