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Customer Expectations


What does that mean to you?

Buying DIRECT saves you money by eliminating middlemen mark-ups.  In exchange for that savings, often $500, $750, up to $1000 or more, there are certain services that you will need to perform that would normally be performed by a local dealer.
Consider the following before purchasing a scooter to ensure your complete satisfaction:
Registration - We cannot send your registration paperwork until you fill out the registration form on our website including your scooter VIN number.  You won't have your scooter VIN until after you receive your scooter.
Start-Up and Maintenance - Your scooter is built by our factory overseas.  You are the first person to uncrate and perform start-up on the scooter.  Start-up and maintenance is normally easy for someone experienced in working with mechanical equipment.  We are also available to help over the telephone.
Service Warranty - We stock a large supply of parts and provide a parts only warranty.  We also provide customer service support Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm CST.
Local Licensing/Regulations - Please make sure that you know, understand, and comply with the local laws and regulations from your local DMV and Department of Public Safety concerning scooters or mopeds.  Call your DMV to find out about these requirements.  You may find regulations in your area here.