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How Our Scooters Compare

We will often meet fans of Yamaha gas scooters or Yamaha mopeds that seem completely sold on the notion of a Yamaha moped or some other Yamaha scooter model. We often ask them, “Why?”

Side by side, the mopeds and scooters of GS Motorworks stand up to any Yamaha scooter of similar engine size. The only place that you’ll find a significant difference between Yamaha scooters and GS Motorworks scooters is in the price. We have the Yamaha moped beat by hundreds of dollars.

Compare the Yamaha Zuma gas motor scooter with GS Motorworks. Compare our scooter to one of the Vespa Mopeds like the Vespa LX 50.  

In side by side comparisions, the scooters are roughly the same dimensions with the same engine displacement. The Yamaha motor scooter’s fuel tank is .2 gallons larger that the Riptide. Both scooters have automatic transmissions. While the Yamaha scooter offers kick and electric starting systems, the Riptide offers kick, electric and remote starting systems. The Yamaha moped is a two-stroke and the Riptide is a four-stroke. The Riptide outweighs the Zuma by about 45 pounds. Same brakes, same basic ignition.

So, that brings us to the big difference.

The Yamaha motor scooter, Zuma model, sells for $1,849. Our Riptide Scooter sells for $1,099. That's a $750 difference! You'll have money left over.

Let’s be sensible: Yamaha makes a decent product and we aren’t here to knock their motor scooters. But we believe our scooters are just as fine as the Yamaha Zuma motor scooter.  We offer it at a far better price. Yamaha scooters aren’t bad, they just don’t make as much sense as motor scooters from GS Motorworks.

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