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49cc Scooters

Speed, Reliability and Convenience

A 49cc gas scooter makes the ideal “get-around” vehicle for many individuals. Most states categorize “scooter” or “moped” as any vehicle with a gas powered engine under 50cc. But don’t let size fool you. The 49cc gas motor scooters of GS MotorWorks can scoot along pretty quickly, some with top speeds nearing 50 MPH.

With 49cc gas powered scooters starting as low as $899 and including a car carrier, many people take them with them on vacation, mounted to the backs of their motorhomes. With the motorhome parked, the 49 cc moped scooter becomes the vehicle of choice for sightseeing, shopping, or just joyriding. With a pair of 49cc motor scooters or mopeds, couples can zip around new locations in fun and in style, and at such a low price, many GS customers come back for more than just a couple!

There are literally dozens of options when it comes to 49cc mopeds and 49cc scooters. You can spend as much as $4,000 for some Italian models. But why do that when our motor scooters (49cc) can be had for as little as $899, which includes free shipping and a car carrier?

Options Abound

Hopefully, you will make GS your choice for a 49cc motor scooter. Even then, you’ll need to decide which one of our very stylish models you’re going to want to ride. Do you want the “Retro” 49cc scooter, similar in style to older Vespa model scooter? (often refered in the 40's and 50's as "motor bikes scooters") Or would you prefer the modern, sleeker, “Sport” or “Euro” models of 49cc gas scooters?

Unique Transmission

Unlike traditional automatic scooters, where you can feel the gears shifting, (usually marked by a “jerking” sensation) some of the Big Chief scooters employ a Continuously Variable Transmission, (CVT) which translates into smooth acceleration and deceleration that is not characterized by obvious shifts in momentum. This is a revolution in 49cc gas motor scooters and one you need to ride to appreciate.

You owe it to yourself to look into GS MotorWorks amazing selection of 49cc gas powered scooters.

49 cc moped scooters for sale online now at GS MotorWorks.