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The Gas Scooter Difference

People often ask us, "What does GS stand for?" How about A Great Selection of
GAS SCOOTERS along with Great Service!! What more do we stand for you ask?

How about Gas Savings! Our Scooters get 80 to 100 MPG and are also environmentally friendly! We've even got ZERO EMISSIONS ELECTRIC SCOOTERS that go just as fast as our Gas Scooters. So with the ever rising gas prices, GS Motorworks just makes Good Sense!

No matter what GS stands for, you know you can feel comfortable buying from the largest internet retailer of scooters in the world!!

So come on and Get Started!


High Quality Scooters at Low Price

GS Motorworks is America's Favorite Scooter Company with "Over 1 Million Visitors Last Year". For years, we've been the USA bringing Quality bikes, not junk, to the roads we all share. As the internet has exploded in growth, so has our reputation and our business.

Many of the scooters sold online are Made In China. That isn't surprising. China makes almost everything. Start turning over a few of your household items (e.g. plates, lamps, tvs, etc.) and you'll see that little gold sticker that says, "Made In China". Several name brand American and Italian moped, scooter, and motorcycle companies buy parts from China. You would be surprised if I started naming names.

Online Scooter Dealer You Can Trust

Almost every online scooter dealer carries the same Chinese brand with a slightly different price. Look closely before you buy your scooter. If you end up buying one of those Chinese motor scooters made with cheap parts and unskilled labor, you'll have many sleepless nights from all the money you just wasted.

My Dad taught me to "inspect what you expect". After personally inspecting many of the factories in China that make scooters for my competitors, I decided that I didn't want to sell the same scooter as everyone else. So, I created the Eagle brand that is custom-made to my exact specifications.

You can buy a scooter or moped almost anywhere online that looks exactly like one made by us. Anyone can copy our scooters... our competitors do it all the time! The difference is in the quality of components, level of production supervision, and support after the sale.

Read what our customers say

Read what our customers say.  GS Motorworks have been Rated #1 over and over again in our customer surveys. After all, we've been selling scooters and mopeds since 1999. You are going to buy a great scooter at a fair price and get free shipping too. Your new scooter will get up to 80 MPG and reach speeds of up to 60 MPH. If that sounds good to you, pick up the phone and call right now.

So, what's the catch? There is no catch. We sell our motor scooters direct to you the factories. There is no middleman to mark up the price. In exchange for the savings, often $500, $750, up to $1000 or more, there are some basic things you'll need to do that would otherwise be handled by the middleman. If you are willing to cut out the middleman, you'll save money when you buy your GS Motorworks scooter!   

By now you're asking yourself, "Why not? It sounds great to me!" This is an incredible offer. You should pick up the phone and call right now.

Street Scooters

Pick up the phone and call right now 1.888.400.3253. We have great people waiting to answer your call Monday through Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm EST. Go ahead. Call Now: 1.888.400.3253 or email